Saturday, July 29, 2017

Questival Baby!

Michelle (Nutsy) caught a catfish while we were questivalling!

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

And the Mouse ran away with Shamu...

As I sit here pondering what to type, a flood of emotions rushes around me. Shock. Excitement. Sadness. Anxiety. Happiness. Dread. I'm not sure what exactly our family is headed into, all I know is that it is right.

A year or so ago Chris and I began feeling like we needed to start thinking about moving to Utah. Of course, this was exciting as we began to think about things that we don't/can't do or have here in Southern California. Things like a yard, going camping, working on cars, seeing family. Exciting when still not real. Chris began looking at employment options, and there were a few things that he applied for and never heard back on. No big deal, we didn't really want to leave anyway. So, we let it go for a while.

Then we started to feel it again, we need to move to Utah. Around this same time, Chris heard about a job that was maybe in the works to be created. Twice. In the same day. From two different people and different areas of Illumina. Which happened to be a near perfect fit for Chris. And would allow us to move to Utah. He talked to the person who was rumored to be creating this position and it was true. And this person seemed excited that Chris was interested. And then nothing happened. Finally the position was created. Chris applied and interviewed and then heard nothing for 6 weeks. We were pretty resigned that it had been given to someone else. And then found out that Chris got the job.
So here we sit now, at the end of February, the sale of our house closing in 3 weeks. It's finally real. And I'm not sure I'm ready.

San Diego is our home. We have built our life, marriage, family, and careers here. We have met so many people. Our children were born here. Nearly all of our married life has been spent here in Southern California, and it has been wonderful. Not everything has been good all of the time, but life has been good. We have learned and grown so much in so many aspects of life. Countless experiences through work, church, and life in general have shaped us into the people we are. We have grown as individuals, a couple, leaders, listeners, parents, friends.

 I am so sad to be leaving San Diego.   I'm not sure what lies ahead. We don't have a place to move into yet. We don't know where in Utah we will live (somewhere between Salt Lake and Ogden probably?). So much is unknown, but I am at peace. I know that this is what the Lord wants for our family and where he needs us to go. I have faith that we will find the perfect house and neighborhood for our family. It may not be immediately, but I know that the Lord will provide. I have no doubts that when we put our lives in His hands and let Him direct our paths, miracles happen. I have witnessed this time and again.

So we trust in the Lord, 100%. We follow promptings from Him and the path becomes visible. And at the end of it all we say, I'll go where you want me to go.

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

We're back...for now!

Merry Christmas everyone!
It's been a while since we've posted anything, so here's a brief update on us...

Chris is still working at Illumina and helps oversee the design of software for the DNA sequencers. He was recently called to serve on the High Council in our stake and loves being able to teach and serve the members of the stake. This is in addition to serving as the Stake Technology specialist (yes that's a real calling). He spends what little free time he has here with us, enjoying our beautiful girls.

I am enjoying being at home with Lindsay and Allie. I try to keep up with the house (never happens) and really just try to keep up with the girls. I serve in the Relief Society presidency and love serving  there. I'm grateful for all of the opportunities that I have been given to serve.

Lindsay turned 4 in October and has been going to Miss Susie's preschool. She loves school, and despite the picture is very happy! She is a wonderful big sister. She loves to help around the house, especially when I'm in a hurry to get things done, wink wink. Lindsay loves to cook, pretending in her small kitchen or helping me in the big kitchen. She has been in Sunbeams this year at church and has given two amazing talks in primary.

Allie was born at the end of January and has kept us on our toes all year! She is crawling all over the place and loves to follow her big sister everywhere she goes! Allie is super laid back and is happy almost all the time.

We are excited for the upcoming year and all of the opportunities that come with it!

Friday, June 21, 2013

Other randomness...

Self portrait by Lindsay

She sat here for 20 minutes with boxes and bracelets. For those of you who know my child, this is a rare occurence.

Chris is so proud.  She holds the controller and moves the analog sticks with her thumbs.

Disneyland again!

At the end of April we had some more friends come out and visit and we spent a couple more days at the Happiest Place on Earth (as long as Lindsay takes a nap).
Can't go wrong with the carousel...One of Lindsay's favorites!

I want you for the Dark Side!

Lindsay trying to break into a ride that she's not tall enough for

We're flying! No hands!

Mater's tractors...Lindsay's favorite (of the ones she can actually go on)

Never mind my expression of who knows what...Lindsay's expression tells how it really was...pure fun!

Chris from Murray (in a different costume)

Natalie on Radiator Springs Racers (We went through a lot to get her on here!)
It was a great week spent with great friends! Thanks Mikey and Christi for coming down and seeing us!

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

New bed for the princess

So a few weeks ago, we tried to send Lindsay to bed without her pacifier. That did not go over very well. She was angry. Very, very angry. So mad, in fact, that as we were downstairs trying to let her cry it out, we heard a thud, and then she sounded much closer to the door. When Chris went to investigate, she was definitely out of her bed (and still extremely angry.) At which point we reluctantly relinquished the pacifier, and sent her sucking sniffily to bed.  We're pretty sure that it scared her (at least a little), and didn't have any more escape attempts for a while.

Then, a couple weeks later we were at babies r us and I noticed that they had a Disney princess bed (still in the box) in the clearance section. I jokingly asked Chris how much he thought it was. So we asked...(our first mistake). It was 30% plus they were giving an extra 20% that day. So we folded, and bought the bed. We didn't have a mattress for it, so we just stuck it in the garage (we weren't in a huge hurry as she hadn't climbed out again).

Never let it be said that Lindsay is oblivious to what goes on around her. That night she climbed out of her pack n play 3 different times, plus again in the morning.  And naturally, my brilliant child left her pacifier in the bed when she climbed out. So of course she was angry about that. But to make matters worse, she wasn't falling and making thuds anymore. She had become quite ninja-esque. Since we still didn't have a mattress, we simply took the bottom mat out of the pack and play and she slept on that on the floor for a week or so, until we could get a mattress and sheets and the bed put together.

Here she is getting ready to sleep in her big girl bed. Or next to. Or on the floor in front of her door. whatever.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Easter Eggs...

Easter was a lot of fun this year, Lindsay really enjoyed putting eggs into her basket. Chris's work held an Egg Hunt which was awesome and then we hid eggs for her around the house.
Collecting from the lawn before the actual hunt started.

I loved watching her carry her basket

I'm not sure if you can tell, but she was so excited to be getting eggs that when she dropped the yellow one she missed the basket entirely.

Me and Lindsay
A shot from the actual egg hunt

The Koi pond was too much temptation...water and fish to look at.

Finding eggs in the living room on Easter

MMM...chocolate bunny!

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Disney Day 2...

So in the evening of the first day we saw World of Color, which Lindsay was absolutely mesmerized by, but didn't take any pictures. After World of Color we walked through Cars Land and got some amazing shots because the area was nearly empty. I haven't sorted all of those yet, so they will have to be on a different post. 

On day two, we immediately got in line for fast passes to Radiator Springs Racers. Jack and Ed went on Grizzly River Run while we waited, so when we got our fast passes, we were wandering Cars Land and noticed that there was only a 5 minute wait for Luigi's tire ride. Lindsay was just tall enough to get on (hooray!) Watching the ride from the line it didn't look all that exciting. Just a bunch of giant tires moving slowly across the ground and kind of bumping into each other. Our expectations weren't high, but we had so much fun! We figured out how to lean just right to really pick up some speed.

Despite what it may look like we had a really great time!

After we all met back up, Chris and Lindsay and I got some breakfast while Ed, Andrea, Jack and Will headed to Disneyland catch some Injunana Jones. We met them there and while they took turns stroller passing it, Chris waited with Will and Jack and Lindsay and I climbed the treehouse over and over. I think her favorite part was the rope bridge. She wouldn't let me hold her hand and insisted on walking across by herself and pointing at the people below.  Then we took a tour on the Jungle Cruise (a classic!) Then Chris and I took Lindsay to Fantasyland and rode the carousel and Mr. Toad. Then we ate lunch and headed back to Cars Land to redeem our fast passes and catch a tractor ride with Lindsay.
No hands!

Chains were the saving grace of waiting in line

Chris from Murray (yes they both are)

Mater's tractors...Lindsay loved it!
All in was a great trip!